Precision Wellness Coaching

Where the Journey Begins…

Ever experienced days or seasons when you feel like you’re cruising through life without a care in the world? You’re feeling great, and then suddenly you find yourself feeling lost, experiencing symptoms that seemed to come out of no where, and you are unsure what led you here and how to get back? It can feel a little scary, can’t it? Many of us haven’t been taught how to really listen to the subtle cues our body sends throughout the day, and it isn’t until the signals are hard to ignore do we often pay attention.

Not only that, deep inside lies the answers that researchers have been unlocking over the past several decades through genetics and learning the power we have to alter our genetic expression through epigenetics.

Our DNA is the secret code to not only the building materials that make us unique physically, emotionally, and mentally, but also how those materials are organized and communicate with one another. This is what makes us truly unique!

This is why there is no one-size-fits-all diet, exercise program, stress management routine, etc.

There are countless ways to reach optimal health but yours is unique to you. The first step on your journey is to stop looking to what others are doing or not doing to improve their health and to unlock your unique, beautiful, amazing, blueprint for health and vitality!

This is where I step in—I’m not just your average wellness coach. I’m a Precision Wellness Coach.

I analyze your unique genetic data to tailor for you a customized holistic health plan to get you back to that place where you felt your best! BUT this time you will also have all the tools you need to move beyond that with confidence because you have a greater understanding of what YOUR body needs!

I am also a Certified Master Herbalist!

This means I can use herbs to target support to various systems of the body. This helps restore balance and supercharge your health in ways you never imagined possible. Nature was designed to work with the body in its healing.

Imagine your body as an intricate mapped out landscape, with each pathway and landmark representing different aspects of your health and well-being. Through genetic testing and holistic expertise, we become like skilled cartographers, meticulously charting the terrain and guiding you towards a path of optimal health and vitality, ensuring every step is taken with purpose and precision.

Together, we’ll begin to understand why you might feel a certain way or experience health challenges, and we’ll find the right foods, herbs, and lifestyle adjustments to help you feel amazing every day.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey to uncover the mysteries of your amazing body and embrace a holistic approach to wellness? Let’s dive in and unleash your full potential!


“I would recommend Carmen to anyone looking to learn about how to support natural healing.” – Brooke S.

“Her approachable kindness is healing in itself! Carmen’s workshop was welcoming to a first-time attendee with zero herbal experience. I learned so much from her. She knows her material and is very organized. The time was spent well and I left with a bag full of products and recipes. I would recommend carmen to anyone looking to learn about how to support natural healing. Her approachable kindness is healing in itself!” -Brooke S.

“This has been a night and day difference from my experience with being part of the medical system.” – Jocelyn A.

Carmen Spotts, MH has been extremely helpful to help restore my health and vitality! For nearly ten years I have seen doctors and endocrinologists to correct hormone imbalances. I was prescribed multiple medications to “fix” things and cover symptoms, yet I never saw improvements in my health nor did anything get “fixed.” | was starting to believe nothing would actually help me. Mrs. Spotts took the time to study my case and personalize a protocol for my specific needs. I started taking the herbs she recommended and implementing the small changes she suggested and crossed my fingers. Within a week I was having regular bowel movements, my energy levels were restored, my skin looked the healthiest it ever has, and I was just happier and more positive in general. I could feel my hormones coming back to normal levels of function. Because of her help I feel wonderful and my quality of life has definitely improved! For the last several months she has been there walking alongside me and has made herself available for questions and concerns. This has been a night and day difference from my experience with being part of the medical system. I am very grateful for her knowledge, her wisdom, and her passion to help people live better and healthier lives. I look forward to continuing to utilize Mrs. Spotts’ services for years to come.

-Jocelyn A.

“Carmen is great and has helped me with a lot of different problems. She always tries to find the root of the problem, not just suppress symptoms.” – Aaron B.

“Carmen is great and has helped me with a lot of different problems. She always tries to find the root of the problem, not just suppress symptoms. I had this toe infection for about a year.

I went to two different doctors and got prescribed different drugs for this and it never did anything. I tried a lot of things.

I showed Carmen my toe and she gave me an herbal remedy and instructions on how to apply it.

I didn’t believe her that it was going to work because even multiple doctors couldn’t help me, right? Well, I was completely mistaken. It took about 2 days of applying the remedy to see results! I never experienced this with any prescription. After about a week my tissue was healed and a few months later my nail grew back healthy!”

-Aaron B.

Discover Your Genetic Blueprint And Optimize Your Health

Precision Wellness Plans

Each plan includes:

  • Clinical-grade DNA test mailed to your home with instructions for collecting and mailing it back. You keep your DNA data file for your lifetime.
  • DNA and laboratory specific nutritional and supplement guidelines and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Customized Health Reports based on DNA with targeted recommendations.
  • DNA Biohacking Reports
  • Lifestyle Reports to optimize all aspects of your health – from rest, stress management, movement, AND MORE!
  • Customized meal plans with a shopping list.
  • UNLIMITED Digital Support (text and email).
  • Weekly (as needed) 1:1 consults.
  • Customized Herbal Remedies (as needed – at additional cost)

Which Plan Is Right For You?

2-Month Vitality Boost –

This plan is perfect for the client who is anywhere from the “Comfort Zone” to “Wellness” on the scale above who is looking to learn more about how their body is designed to stay in balance and what they can do to support their body’s efforts to continue moving toward or staying within wellness.

You will get your DNA tested to help fine-tune your routine to maximize your health efforts. I can make recommendations on things you can add such as herbs, areas of your lifestyle that may need a minor tweak, and we can track your labs and progress so you feel confident and in total control over your health.

4-Month Advanced Vitality –

This package is perfect for the client who is just BEGINNING to experience symptoms. Your symptoms might include unexplained headaches, poor oral health, skin rashes, low energy, digestive complaints, acne, joint pain, vision changes, ringing ears, canker sores, anxiety, etc.

You will get your DNA tested which will help us determine areas of concern that your symptoms may be pointing to. This gives us a precise place to begin targeting your nutrition and lifestyle choices to address deficiencies before they progress to disease. We will track your labs to get your health moving toward “Wellness,” with optimal lab values being our ultimate goal.

6-Month Ultimate Vitality-

This package is perfect for the client who is taking medications for the management of symptoms and/or active disease. Medications DO NOT heal the body. Medications “manage” symptoms. The underlying deficiencies and diseases are still present, oftentimes worsening because you are not addressing the deficiencies to assist the body in healing, and you are also at risk of other diseases as a side effect of medication use.

Restoring health takes time and consistent effort, NOT PERFECTION! The body is ALWAYS working on your behalf to restore health and maintain balance in all areas.

You will get your DNA tested which will help us determine other areas of concern that your symptoms may be pointing to, allowing us to learn how to support and strengthen those genetic weaknesses that are causing your symptoms and disease.

You DO NOT have to feel defeated. Even on multiple medications, there are many things we can do to begin moving the needle in the direction toward “Wellness.” We will begin tweaking your nutrition and lifestyle choices and work together to prevent progression and to nourish and strengthen your body so it can heal in a very dramatic way. We will track your labs and ensure that the values are moving toward optimal levels.

Not interested in getting your DNA tested to fine-tune your health but still want someone to help you move the needle on your compass in the right direction?